Azure Functions using a Azure SQL Trigger

Working with Azure SQL Triggers in Azure Functions

Azure SQL triggers for Azure Functions came into public preview for C# Functions last month. When you enable Change Tracking on a table in Azure SQL Database, Managed Instance or SQL Server (yes, on-prem SQL Server), you can create a function that will be triggered every time a row is created, updated or deleted. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of SQL Trigger Functions, how Change Tracking works and how we can configure our Functions to listen to SQL Change Tracking....

December 15, 2022 · 8 min · Will Velida
Building an event streaming app with Azure Functions, Event Hubs and Azure Cosmos DB

Building an event streaming app with Azure Functions, Event Hubs and Azure Cosmos DB

Back in 2020, I wrote an article on how you can build a simple streaming app using Azure Functions, Event Hubs and Azure Cosmos DB. I’ve been meaning to update some old samples that I created while I was an MVP, so the long weekend seemed like a good time to update this one. Again, this is a relatively simple sample that I’ve created here. Previously, I developed all of this locally and created all my Azure resources via the portal....

April 24, 2022 · 22 min · Will Velida
Cosmos DB, Managed Identities, Functions logo

Using Managed Identities to authenticate with Azure Cosmos DB

In Azure, Managed Identities provide our Azure resources with an identity within Azure Active Directory. We can use this identity to authenticate with any service in Azure that supports Azure AD authentication without having to manage credentials. In Azure Cosmos DB, we can use managed identities to provide resources with the roles and permissions required to perform actions on our data (depending on what role we provide the identity) without having to use any connection strings or access keys to do so....

March 24, 2022 · 8 min · Will Velida
Azure Functions GitHub Actions workflow output

Deploying C# Azure Functions via GitHub Actions

I’ve spent a lot of time with GitHub Actions lately and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve had quite a bit of experience using Azure DevOps in my previous jobs and before GitHub Actions were a thing, I’d create Service Connections in Azure DevOps so that I could host my code in GitHub, but still run my build and deploy pipelines in Azure DevOps. This isn’t to say that GitHub Actions is better than Azure DevOps, nor vice-versa....

March 15, 2022 · 8 min · Will Velida
Feature Flag code.

Implementing Feature Flags in Azure Functions with Azure App Configuration

In Azure App Configuration, we can implement feature flags that allows us to decouple feature releases from code deployment and allows us to implement changes quickly to feature availability on demand. This allows us to test new features in production, turn features on or off without having to redeploy our code and wrap features around application functionality that we’re currently developing. There are some basic concepts to understand when working with feature management in Azure App Configuration:...

February 17, 2022 · 8 min · Will Velida