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Dapr Service Invocation with Azure Container Apps

I had a bit of time last week to do some Dapr learning, so I started to read the Dapr for .NET Developers e-book that’s available on our documentation (completely free by the way!). In one of the early chapters, the book outlines a tutorial that you can run locally to use service invocation to communicate between to two applications. Running locally is fairly straightforward, so I wanted to deploy the two applications as Container Apps, since it has support for Dapr in the platform....

November 6, 2022 · 8 min · Will Velida
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Creating a Azure Kubernetes cluster with an attached Azure Container Registry with Bicep

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) simplifies deploying a managed Kubernetes cluster into Azure by offloading the operational overhead to Azure. Azure Container Registry allows you to build, store and manage container images in a private registry, from which you can pull your images into your AKS cluster. Azure Container Registry integrates with AKS. We can attach container registries to our AKS clusters using an Azure Active Directory managed identity. We can then assign that managed identity will the AcrPull role assignment that allows our AKS cluster to pull images from our Azure Container Registry....

September 11, 2022 · 8 min · Will Velida
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Building and Deploying Container Images to Azure Container Apps with GitHub Actions

In a previous blog post, I talked about how we can provision an Azure Container App using Bicep and deploying our Bicep template using GitHub Actions. We’ll now turn our attention to updating the images that our Container App uses by building the new image, deploying it to Azure Container registry and then pulling the newly built image from our registry to our Container App. As part of my infrastructure deployment, I defined a container image as part of my Bicep like so:...

February 28, 2022 · 8 min · Will Velida
Implementing Blue/Green Deployments with Azure Web Apps for Containers

Implementing Blue/Green Deployments with Azure Web Apps for Containers

Application uptime is critical for our cloud applications. Using Azure App Service slots, we can implement the Blue/Green deployment pattern to validate that new versions of our application will perform as expected in a production environment, without causing downtime to our existing version of our application. With App Service slots, we can deploy new versions of our container images to our Green slot, run tests against that slot to ensure that everything is working and then direct incoming traffic to our updated container image....

February 26, 2022 · 16 min · Will Velida
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Creating and Provisioning Azure Container Apps with Bicep

Using Bicep, we can deploy and manage all the resources required for our Azure Container Apps. In this post, we’ll write a Bicep template that defines all the infrastructure required for our Container App and deploy it using the AZ CLI. In our Bicep template, we’ll be deploying the following resources: A Log Analytics workspace. Azure Container Registry An Azure Container App Environment A Container App. Before we kick this off, it’s REALLY IMPORTANT to note that Container Apps is currently in preview!...

February 18, 2022 · 10 min · Will Velida